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Digital workplace

With a digital workplace, you trade paper documents and manual operations for easy-to-use applications on your laptop, tablet or even smartphone. With Mendix, you develop custom apps and web portals that communicate flawlessly with your ERP or Analytics software, customer and partner systems. Enabling faster, more productive and cost-effective collaboration.

Evolve faster with IT

Is your organization supported by an IT system in which implementing changes or innovations takes a long time and costs a lot? Is technical complexity hindering you while IT is in full swing? If so, make your organization agile using the Mendix platform.

Thanks to an agile working method, you can improve existing applications or easily develop and implement new solutions. In short periods of time, securely and easily integrated into your current ERP or analytics software. Get started with our free Mendix trials and experience for yourself how easy app development can be.

Hybrid IT environment

With a hybrid IT environment, you combine working in the cloud with your on-premise software and systems. This means you only partially transition into the cloud. Useful when you have a SAP ECC or Microsoft ERP system including customization and are considering the move to the cloud, when your current IT leaves something to be desired or when different technological solutions for various processes are interwoven in your current IT landscape.

Using Mendix, you adopt mission-critical or specific custom applications in a single platform without making any modifications to your standard ERP, CRM, PLM solutions or other IT systems. This way, you keep your IT landscape up-to-date. Easy and worry-free. With Mendix, you can, among other things:

  • Modernize and integrate outdated applications
  • Moving away from the product back log and constantly evolving
  • Providing new technology for employees, customers and partners

Better collaboration

IT is nowadays part of every organization, but not yet part of every process. In the world of tomorrow, people and technology work hand-in-hand. No complex and maintenance-intensive system links or different systems in your processes, but simplified management and increased efficiency with hybrid IT solutions.

Mendix application design and development focuses on creating value. The needs within the organization or aligned with new wishes and requirements of employees, customers or partners are collectively analyzed and transformed into a suitable solution that can be put into use immediately. Experience it for yourself and try out the low code platform now with our free Mendix trials!

Want to know more about Mendix?

Mendix is a visually oriented, model-driven platform for software development. Due to its low-code nature, no programming knowledge is required to quickly build large-scale applications or enhance existing apps. In doing so, you can boost employee and customer satisfaction in a relatively short time, create a more effective workflow, more flexibility in the IT landscape, and easily launch new products and services.