Mendify Warehouse Scanner

The Mendify Warehouse Scanner is a flexible front-end solution for the warehouseman or warehouse worker. With dialogs that are customized to your needs as well as integration with SAP MM, inventory management packages, or your WMS solution, the scanner ensures efficient and optimized warehousing. In fact, the Mendix platform has a very wide range of integration options with all kinds of backend systems.

Benefits of our warehouse scanner

  • A warehouse app, customized to your warehouse process

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Runs on modern hardware (IoS or Android)

  • Native device integration possible (scanning, geolocation, camera)

  • Works real time on your warehouse management systems (ERP or WMS)

  • Specific SAP MM integration


Warehouse scanning should ensure that the warehouse employee can work efficiently and optimally. Both hardware and software choices are important. After all, dialogues must be well aligned with work processes, and real-time data processing is a must. Additionaly, the connection is not always good and in that case, offline processing is a good fall-back solution that ensures work can continue uninterrupted.


The Mendify Warehouse Scanner runs on Android or iOS. This is what is offered as OS by most hardware manufacturers today. The Mendix App Platform allows us to develop the app in such a way that the dialogs match your needs. Moreover, the native implementation makes it perfectly possible to seamlessly integrate the app with the device for addressing the scan engine, camera or geo-location.

Successful implementations:

  • Maintenance Parts for an international commodity producer, linked to SAP MM

  • Goods transfer for a waste management company

  • Store inventory management for a technical wholesale plumbing company

Want to know more about our warehouse scanner?

We are happy to tell you more about it. Feel free to contact us and get inspired by all the possibilities of the Mendix warehousing and supply chain applications.